Saturday, June 29, 2013

Obama Family Album: Africa Trip - Day 3

Pretoria - June 29th: 

South Africa Unveils Statue of Barack Obama and First Lady

Firmly ensconced in the parking lot of the Winnie Mandela  housing project near
the communist ANC headquarters in  Pretoria sits the memento of the visit by
the first black US President and First lady.   
I think they really captured the elegance of  Michelle Obama.

....and this from Middle Finger News Feral-Man-On-The-Street reporter Earl of Taint:

"Obama’s Photo-Op With Mandela Goes Awry"

 One to impress the folks back home, Obama stops by the hospital for a quick photo -op
with Nelson Mandela. Mandela was unavailable for comment.

Barry and Michelle visit Robben Island Prison in South Africa

Closed to Press. From the Pool Reporter: Earl of Taint

POTUS inscribes the family’s message into the guest register, aided by the Small Auxiliary Desktop Teleprompter (SADTOTUS), flown in personally by Reggie Love.

TOTUS lunched on prison food (looked to be a McRib but cannot confirm), al fresco.

 Africa Trip: