Thursday, July 18, 2013

Alex Jones Reveals Second Shooter in Zimmerman Case

Noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones 
In possibly one of the most riveting and important events of our lifetime, a man known as George Zimmerman is now caught in the middle of a racial divide that exist in our great country. Zimmerman was charged with committing second-degree murder and manslaughter, and after the jury has weighed the evidence and deliberated thus rendering their verdict, Alex Jones drops the bomb on what actually happened to young Trayvon Martin that one terrible night.

Jones took to the microphone on his daily Internet broadcast earlier today to give (in his words) the world a treat. The treat of truth and justice. Jones explained – using a series of PowerPoint slides – that there was, in fact, a second shooter that took Trayvon to his grave.

Trayvon, according to Jones, was actually working undercover as part of the Cyber Command/Lockheed Martin censorship regime violating Americans’ constitutional rights, covering up cell tower electromagnetic weapon assaults on citizens. He goes further to even call Trayvon a “lame psy-op, perpetrating the worst social manipulation and mind-control games in the history of the United States.”

It is Jones belief that Trayvon was put down for trying to “get out of the game.” From what we can see from one of Jones slides, he offers irrefutable proof that George Zimmerman is completely innocent on all counts.


  1. It is easy to mock Patriots like Jones who stand tall for Constitutional freedom.

    For years I have put Infowars YouTubes on my Blog where the "crazy" Alex Jones lashes out at the "evil" government for spying on all of us. My non-thinking GOP friends in turn mocked me as a "crazy".

    Then along comes a fellow called Edward Snowden. Suddenly what was once considered "crazy" is simply common knowledge.

    1. Sorry Gary, I have to disagree. Jones is a loony conspiracy theorist, Snowden has the goods.
      They're not even in the same ballpark....

  2. In my younger GOP politics days I have personally been involved in conspiracy. All that is required is for two or more people to plot to do something and keep their acts a secret.

    You are so close to seeing TRUTH but refuse to face this basic fact: we are being ruled by a bipartisan band of Fascists eagerly working together to build a 1984 Police State. Deep down you desperately want to believe that the liar hack on TV with that "R" after his name really cares about the Constitution and freedom. Like my GOP friends, you cling to the rapidly fading hope that people like Alex Jones are "loons". That this "conspiracy" stuff is made up by "crazy" people.

    Sorry. Big Brother laws do not pass themselves and the funding to grow the Police State does not happen by accident.

    I had my epiphany in 2003. You are getting close to your epiphany but fear the next step in the process. That next step is the soul shattering understanding that both liberals and conservatives are building an unconstitutional Orwellian state and you are helpless against these madmen.

  3. Love it! Hilarious!

    Gary, you have a point but if you put your tin-foil hat back on you can cover it up.