Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Queeen of All America Return Expected

After 3 weeks on vacation in Hawaii, including ten days without the other Royal Family members, The Queeen is expected to be In The House Wednesday. Holed up at BFF Oprah Winfrey’s fabulous pad on the island of Maui since her husband and their daughters departed on January 4, she is scheduled for an event Wednesday afternoon. Rumors among the little people of Royal discontent have been skillfully sidestepped here at home.


  1. Holy Cow DS I see you're in cahoots with Mary Jane Anklestraps, lololol. Watch it that girl will get ya in trouble. ;-)

    Oh and I was hoping her Royal Lardass was gonna stay in Hawaii forever. I have finally come to the realization I do detest her more than I do her husband Barky. Pretentious bitch.

    1. Jack, Mary Jane took the picture of the sunset, I just added a few things.;)
      Thought it only right to give her credit due.

    2. Great, great visual though. The ugly gremlin on the wing. LOL

  2. Oh and one of my all time favorite Twilight Zones. :-)