Saturday, March 15, 2014

Barack Obama: (Unintentional) Man of Liberty

Shades of Thomas Paine

Obama may not realize it, but he is doing more for the cause of liberty in the United States than any president in recent history. Uninspiring and ineffective, he hasn't lately been able to do much of anything to actually curtail liberty as much as he'd like. However, like a chained dog, growling and foaming at the mouth, biting isn't necessary to tell everyone just how risky the institution of government is with fascists at the helm wielding enormous power.

* Obama has ensured that stocks of guns and ammunition in the hands of Americans are at all-time highs. He has motivated millions of Americans to get their concealed carry permits. If they weren't allowed to in their state, many changed the laws so they could.
* Obama has demonstrated the frantic ineptitude of government more clearly with his signature Affordable Care Act than ten thousand pages of postulation by the Cato Institute ever could.
* Obama has drawn into sharp focus the real nature of US foreign policy: make it up as you go, hope no one notices. American support for foreign adventures is at a historic low.
* Obama has best revealed the nature of US crony-capitalism more starkly than any other president. While cronyism has been around since before President Grant, never have the people been so aware of the self-dealing Solyndras and CGI.  
*Obama has taught everyone a lesson in the dangers of fiat currency. Never before has the money printing of the Fed been so overt and so well publicized. Many are making the connection between prices, wages and the Fed that never had before.
* Obama helped highlight the link between the military and the police by placing thousands of conspicuous, otherwise useless MRAP armored vehicles at neighborhood police stations across the country. * By beating the dead climate-change horse all through the worst winter in living memory for many Americans, Obama helped demonstrate the enormous gulf between politician's interests and the interests of the people.
* We all got a lesson on the lesser-known amendments with the IRS scandal, Lois Lerner and Obamacare. Who was paying so much attention to the 5th, the 9th and 10th before all this?
* With numerous well-publicized golf outings and lavish vacations, Obama, with the help of Joe Biden has ensured that the American people are well aware of the plush life of politicians enjoyed at citizen's expense. No phony GW Bush photo ops showing Obama with a chainsaw clearing brush in Texas. This man is all "let them eat cake", and he's not about to hide it.
* Obama discredited the IRS, CIA and NSA more handily than any dissident ever could.
Can you name a guy who has pushed more people into action and outrage over the disgusting US political machine?  I can't.
Can you name a better promoter of the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments? I can't.

Let's all take a moment to be glad we don't have a more capable president who can wear the mask and fool the people more effectively.  


  1. The darker it gets, the more you appreciate the light!

  2. This is in the vein of "counting your blessings!" Thank you for shining light into the darkness. I was starting to despair.......