Friday, March 28, 2014

North Korean Leader Has Perfect NCAA Bracket

(Daily Currant) - North Korea announced today that its leader Kim Jung-Un has a perfect NCAA tournament bracket on the road to the final four of the prestigious collegiate basketball competition.

Our dear leader has once again vanquished the capitalist slime with his superior brainpower. While the imperialist scum sided with the largest, most powerful programs, Kim Jung-Un foresaw the power of underdog squadrons."
A contest sponsored by Warren Buffet promised to give $1 billion to anyone with a perfect bracket at the end of the tournament. Every contestant has already been eliminated.

Although Kim did not officially enter the contest, officials in Pyongyang are hoping Buffet will nevertheless send the billion dollars if their leader keeps his perfect bracket though the championship game.

The government of North Korea fully expects the capitalist cockroach Warren Buffett to pay us $1 billion for winning his NCAA bracket contest. We prefer payment in gold bars, but will accept silver or crates of unmarked U.S. currency delivered directly to the port of Chongjin."
The North Korean regime's love of basketball is well known. In a diplomatic trip to the country in 2000, Secretary of State Madeline Albright brought a basketball signed by Michael Jordan as a sign of goodwill. Kim has recently become friends with Jordan's former teammate Dennis Rodman.

According to sources Kim’s bracket has not been publicly announced as not to influence gamblers in west.

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