Friday, March 21, 2014

Undercover on the First Lady's China Trip

Middle Finger News Service

The AP claims that the Obama administration has reneged on their promise of transparency also claiming that Obama’s staff is turning to social media as a way to promote Obama’s agenda. At a convention in Denver this week, two of AP’s White House staffers made the claim that Obama’s team often prevents reporters from covering Obama events because they are “hypersensitive” about his image.

I guess that would explain as to why Obama’s team would prefer to post all their cutesy pictures on Twitter and Facebook rather than allow the media to actually cover what really goes on during those events. 

This has know extended to official travel at taxpayer expense. 
That don't stop us.....

"We heard FLOTUS would be visiting a panda preserve so we went undercover in our home-made bear suits. Not only did they wave us right in, they also escorted us to the same compound where Mrs Obama had stopped for lunch with her group. Unfortunately we were again only able to upload one photo before things went south."

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  1. This one and the article above about the way the various media is being manipulated make for a very clear picture of what the Ruling Class is doing. Obama using social media, talk shows, and other insipid media outlets is reaching their target audience very effectively.