Sunday, May 25, 2014

North Korea's Plan For Rap Music Dominance

DRPK Bureau of MFNS

For Immediate Release: 
North Korean Military Headquarters Pyongyang,   
"After the swift and convincing defeat in a recent international standoff at the hands of The People's Republic of Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jung un of the weenie imperialist running dog, Hussein Obama of the United States, the Leader of the DPRK today released details of previously secret plans to take over the US dominated world of Rap Music. " 
"In the eye's of our Dear Leader, the quality of Rap Music coming from the imperialist ghettos and government re-education camps is no longer world class. Kim Jung-un's knowledge of the music industry, composition and lyrical genius will once again prove the dominance of North Korean superiority."
The secret weapon in the stable of artist of the new self appointed "King of Rap Music Producers" is Los Angeles Rapper "4.25" (aka Little Pee Pee).  4.25 has sold hundreds of CD's in Pyongyang an now sits at #1 on the DPRK's top 20 music poll.

Dear Leader discusses lyric delivery with protégé 4.25 aka Little Pee Pee

Dear Leader, adding to his impressive list of titles, will be from this day forward also be known in the music world as entrepreneur and  music producer "MC Stud-Muffin Kim". 

MC Stud-Muffin mobbed by adoring music fans at a recent 'We Love Dear Leader Rally'


  1. Hu Flung Du! LMAOPIMP! Jan, you do know you're in sum beeg twubble and on Lil' un's shit list doncha?

    1. Jack, you can credit that graphic to Earl. He sent it in last time he went to visit the Nork Bureau.

  2. I love it when y'all make fun of the Supreme Leader. Pretty disturbing when that pompous incompetent little jackass has nukes at his disposal.