Sunday, May 18, 2014

NYC Inaugurates 'Rude Little Pig' Civic Award

(MFNS) – The New York City Visitor’s Bureau has announced it's  new annual civic award designed to reward a recipient, while at the same time alerting the public to a person who, should they see him or her in public, should be avoided at all costs.

The first winner of the new award has been announced and is NYC's most famous street hazards, angry white guy and liberal one percenter, actor Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin has built quite a reputation in ‘The Big Apple’ as someone who is always one remark away from becoming a mass murderer. His hair trigger temper is not to be toyed with as the beloved actor can explode without warning and without provocation. Simply asking if the actor is having a nice day can potentially land a person in full traction at the hospital.

Mr. Baldwin’s  latest episode resulted in an arrest after the funnyman was caught exercising his 1% privilege cycling the wrong way on a city street, but without possession of his ID. He was outraged when one of NYC’s finest presented him with a citation because he felt the officer should have known who he was without identification.

Past transgressions involve Baldwin shouting and calling his daughter names on a widely released voicemail message and nearly coming to blows with reporters on the city streets. His tantrums have become legendary and a brave few even consider it a badge of honor to be on the receiving end of one of his tirades.

Advice to visitors, should they encounter the loosely-hinged actor in public, includes jumping into the nearest taxi, dialing 911, employing the stop-drop-and roll technique, or playing dead. Be sure to alert others in your vicinity that the asshole is nearby.

Known as “The Rude Little Pig Award”, the organization will name a winner each year who represents the very worst in New Yorkers and someone who most people would want to have a restraining order issued against. Next year’s field is wide open but the front-runner at this time is rumored to be Mayor de Blasio.

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