Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meanwhile, The Dems Have Their Crazys to Deal With

Democrats Want Bernie Sanders Out Of The Race!

Down Trend
The Democrats are terrified of Bernie Sanders. They love him, they agree with him and they think he would make a great president. But they’re petrified that he will be their nominee because they know very few people with more than three brain cells will vote for a self proclaimed socialist as President of the United States. 
The latest example of this terrified frenzy is Barney Frank’s 1,000-word rant against Bernie. He implores Democrats not to support Bernie. Even though they love him, adore him … almost worship him.
[Bernie] has consistently, forcefully and cogently made the case for a larger federal government role in improving both the fairness and the quality of life in our country, refusing to soft-pedal in the face of declining support for this view in public opinion.
Sounds great! How about Bernie’s stand against the War in Iraq and Hillary’s support of it?
I agree that her position on the war is a legitimate concern for those of us on the left. The question then becomes whether this was a manifestation of a general tendency to support unwise military intervention, or the case of her joining every other Democratic senator who had serious presidential ambitions in voting for a war that the Bush-Cheney administration had successfully hyped as a necessary defense against terrorism. While I wish that she, Joe Biden and John Kerry had not been spooked into believing that no one who voted no would have the national security merit badge required to win the presidency, I regard liberal senators’ support for the Iraq War as a response to a given fraught political situation rather than an indication of their basic policy stance — like Obama’s off-again, on-again support for same-sex marriage. (Yes, I am saying that in deciding whether or not to support a candidate with whom I have disagreed on a fundamental issue, I am more at ease if it was a one-time political accommodation rather than a genuine conviction.)
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Former Congressman Barney Frank Enjoying a Summer Afternoon in Boston