Thursday, July 23, 2015

Special Ed Schultz Heads Back to the Short Bus

The website Mediaite is reporting MSNBC, NBC News retarded step-sister, is axing everyone's favorite angry white guy, the screaming crazy uncle, Ed Schultz. "Special Ed", known for comments like Jews were not the real target of the Holocaust, it was about the gays, often pulled better ratings then the pointless effeminate droning of  "Chris Hayes and All In" at 8 PM.  But Hayes is a favorite of MSNBC boss Phil Griffin (yeah, we know what's gonna on there, don't we), while the network head has been trying to get rid of crazy Ed for years.

MSNBC had decided months ago that they would be dumping their liberal hosts in favor of people like NBC's milk toast Chuck Todd and a rehabilitated Brian Williams in order to regain some respectability. *cough*  It's said by some that the MSNBC leadership completely mistreated their poor uninformed liberal audience, and when the audience walked away in mass, the network used the declining ratings as an excuse to blame liberals. (I suspect it was their unemployment ran out and they lost the cable service).

The only hosts that seem to not be in the target at the network are some guy named Joe Scarborough and the gender confused little Ricky Maddow.  
Al Sharpton, the network's in-house political philosopher and linguistics expert at "Politics Nation with Al Sharpton" has apparently seen the shining glean of the axe blade and announced his own media watchdogg blog called “The Shift Daily”, which he may come to regret the choice of name. (Stay tuned for some hilarity coming from that site). 

Hit hardest by the move to remove Special Ed was Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, who blasted MSNBC in a statement for canceling Schultz and removing one of the few voices who would give the nutty fucker a place to vent his socialist nonsense on television:
"I am very disappointed that Comcast chose to remove Ed Schultz from its lineup. We need more people who talk about the real issues facing our country, not fewer.
At a time when a handful of large, multi-national corporations own our major media outlets, I hope they will allow voices to be heard from those who dissent from the corporate media agenda bla bla bla...."
I alway thought Ed missed his calling as a used car salesman.  

And the crazy train whistle echoes in the distance.....