Thursday, August 27, 2015

MSNBC Trots Out Noted Conspiracy Theorist to Weigh In on Trump / Fox News Poo Fight

It's a Sham I Tell Ya. You're Being Played!
When it comes to fake news stories, if anyone's an expert it's Dan Rather . . . The disgraced former CBS News anchor has a new twist on the vast right-wing conspiracy. 
Instead of plotting against poor innocents like Bill and Hillary, those conspiratorial conservatives are now creating phony feuds among themselves!  Rather declared himself "suspicious" about the battle between Donald Trump and Fox News, suggesting that Trump and Roger Ailes might have "gotten together and planned out" the feud for their mutual benefit.
(Viewer Warning: This video clip also features the shrill gender-confused Ricky Maddow)

For good measure, Rather went on to analogize Trump to segregationist presidential candidates George Wallace and Strom Thurmond. Note: while floating his conspiracy theory, Rather admitted that he was "without very much evidence."
But when has that ever deterred Dan from attacking a Republican?  
What's the Frequency Kenneth?