Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kim Jong Un Blames Decadent U.S. For North Korean Food Shortage

MFNS Nork Bureau / Hana Ho - The Democratic People Republic of Korea State News Agency has told North Korean citizens to brace themselves for another "arduous march" forward in revolution' during which "we will have to chew the roots of plants once again".  Warning of impending food shortages, they asked the North Korean people to sacrifice for the good of the revolution.  

In a statement issued from the palace of Kim Jong Un and broadcast nationwide on television watching machines, the blame was laid directly on the United States.
"The decadent Imperialist United States and it's Big Eared Warmongering Leader, Hussein Obama, who has encouraged gluttony and immorality among people of the U.S. and the West, have consumed the entire world's food supply, including the seeds that sow in the abundantly rich fields of the Peoples Republic of Korean.
And because of the foolish actions of the United States and it's leaders by building mass supplies of military weapons to threaten war against the people of the DPRK, they have driven themselves into bankruptcy and can no longer afford to bargain for the worlds only supply of rich agricultural fertilizer produced by the great industrious people of DPRK.
Capitalism is a failure!  The west is Ripe for a Peoples Revolution! So we must remain strong in our coming "Arduous March"!  Therefore, Dear Leader Kim Jong Un orders that you forward 2 pounds of your rice supply to Pyongyang every month, starting immediately!"
As proof of the hardships experienced in the west, they included this documentary of the appalling circumstances in the U.S: 

(H/T Will Profit &Co. for Video)