Sunday, March 20, 2016

North Korea Claims Lead In Energy Conservation

MFNS - Pyongyang - A spokesman for the government of North Korea has responded to the release of NASA photos taken from the International Space Station showing a nearly dark North Korea by claiming the lead in global energy conservation.
“Once again, the United States and Europe are far behind The Democratic People's Republic of Korea. First, we vanquished the imperialist running dog militaristic war mongering ambitions of the United States and it oppressive allies with our threat of superior military technology, and now we have set the global standard in energy conservation. Our Dear Leader’s efforts to save the planet from destruction are at the forefront as usual. We are number one!
Your own spy satellite pictures show the proof of how so many North Korean citizens have voluntarily chosen to turn off their many cutting edge electrical appliances such as 4D television watching machines. All North Koreans live a life of splendor but voluntarily conserve, unlike the rest of the wasteful west and worst Korea. Praise to our Dear Leader Kim Jong Un!”
North Korean per capita power consumption is indeed about 7% that of South Korea, and that figure is reduced to 0.84% when Kim Jung-un’s microwave is excluded.

NASA spy satellite International Space Station Photo of North Korea At Night