Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando: What will the Fallout Be?

"As the weeks and months progress, the Left will use this terrorist act as justification for bringing in more migrants; they will say that it was Donald Trump’s Islamophobia that drove this Musloid to murder, that it was white male homophobia which created his virulent hatred of gays, and that the solution is to hug a Mulsim and give him free resources.  Gun control will be the solution.  More parades, more public indoctrination."

"By now you’ve heard all about the Musloid terrorist and registered Democrat who shot up the gay club in Orlando, Florida.  You’ve probably also heard that his father was running for President in Afghanistan, and that the FBI had interviewed him twice already; that his ex-wife had accused him of assault, that coworkers had reported him to the higher-ups at G4S “the Leading U.S. Security Company” for his hateful statements, and the speculation that there was a second, even a third shooter that nobody is talking about.
I’m sure you’ve heard all of this, so I won’t belabor the details.  Instead, I want to look forward.  What will be the fallout from this event in the weeks and months to come?  How will the Liberals spin this act of cannibalism between two of their major demographics?  The answer lies in understanding the psychology of the r-type rabbit.
Conservative commentators have been talking about the Victim Olympics; who will be scored higher?  The Gays or the Muslims?  Who will get a pass?  This sort of thinking ignores how this hierarchy was created in the first place.  Us K-types prefer explicit hierarchies and distinct rules.  Whenever we examining Leftist insanity we try and put it into logical terms; poor people are higher up than rich people, blacks over whites, women over men, foreigners over natives, et cetera – and we try and create a logical inversion of natural hierachy so as to understand the liberal mind.  Quite frankly, this is like trying to figure out the hierarchy of ‘coolness’ in a High School social scene by creating a chart of brand-name clothing worn, and extracurricular activities performed.  It will be useful for all of three months until the hierarchy suddenly shifts for no apparent reason.
To understand their hierarchy, and how they will react, you must understand their psychology – and that, in a certain perverse way, what they’re doing is perfectly sane.  The morals of a Liberal are the morals of a prey animal; cowardice, treachery, appeasement, irresponsibility, crowding....."