Friday, October 14, 2016

Eagles vs.Tigers

This Saturday LSU welcomes the 4-2 Southern Miss Eagles to Tiger Stadium. This is the first meeting of the teams since the 1990's. The Eagles play a hurry-up, highly productive offense who are getting a lot of attention by the sports monkey media because of Quarterback Nick Mullens, who has thrown for  1874 yds already this season and has managed to brake all the Southern Miss team records of some guy named Brett Favre. It will be interesting to see if the Eagles learned anything of the Tiger defense from the films of the Mizzou - LSU game two weeks ago, which didn't exactly work out to well for Mizzou.

After last weeks cancellation of the Florida Roosters and LSU game, the always colorful coach Oeaux said on his weekly Tiger Talk radio show Wednesday that "the Tigers are fired up, hungry, pissed-off and ready to hit something." Nothing would make the LSU faithful happier then for coach Oeaux to get his second 'W' and give Mike VI a memorable send-off with one last big home victory.

I say Tigers by 20+ 

This week, the SEC goes headlong into the meat of their conference play:

#1 Alabama v Tennessee:
The Cinderella of the SEC, the Tennessee Volunteers met their SEC West ugly step-sister Texas A&M last week and managed to give them all they could handle. This week they meet their other ugly step sister, The Crimson Tide. The Vols have been an explosive second half team, but Alabama is the best team in the nation at making half-time adjustments. They won't be able to run on the Tide, so it's to the air they will go. If the vols don't quit given up turnovers and the Tide doesn't let them hang 400 yds. on them through the air like the last two weeks, it could be a long and ugly evening for Cinderella. 
I Say Tide By 10+ 

Ole Miss v Arkansas:
The Rebels are said to be the best 2 loss team in the nation, and do have one of the best QB in college football. After the thumping by Alabama last week, the hogs will come out and play tough, and if they can run on Ole Miss they may make it a game. This is going to be a high scoring affair.
I say upset, Hogs by 6 

Missouri v Florida Roosters:
The Chickens come out from hiding under the SEC commissioner's dress to take on the Mizzou Tigers in the swamp this week. I'm not convinced Florida is as good as they're being portrayed. After the total smothering of the Mizzuo offense two weeks ago, I think Mizzou makes adjustments and finds a way to throw on them. And the roosters deserve to lose, they wear Orange and Blue together! 
The Tigers embarrass the roosters at home. 

But there will be help waiting. 
I say Missouri by 3 

After calling correct both games last week, Diogenes is 11-3 on the year.