Friday, October 21, 2016

There's a Reason The Good Lord Put a Wide River Between Mississippi and Louisiana

Last week a Tiger had a group of boys from Mississippi come over to his house. The Tiger even let them play with his ball. But the boys from Mississippi got rowdy and started throwing the ball around in the Tiger's house and then punched him in the nose!  Now the Tiger didn't get mad, he just played with his food for awhile. After a little rest, the Tiger came out and ran 7 plays, and scored 4 touchdowns.......then ate them. 

This week another group of Mississippi boys come over to play in the Tiger's House. This group has a bad reputation (they call themselves Rebels *snork*) and are known for their bad habit of throwing balls in peoples houses. 

Now there is two things the Tiger doesn't like, besides Florida Roosters. One is people throwing the ball around in his house (the tiger has shutdown the 8th and 13th best passing offense in college football) and the second thing the Tiger dislikes is people hanging around his goal line and messing up the pretty purple and gold paint in the end zone (the Tiger has give up the fewest TDs in the nation through week 7). So those rowdy Rebel boys should take heed of what happened to the last two groups of Mississippi boys who came across the river to play in the Tiger house ........ else they might get eaten too.

Ole Miss comes into Tiger Stadium for the 105th meeting of the rivals with the #1 passing offense in the SEC and a defense last against the run, giving up 450 yds per game. No one has successfully thrown long on the Tigers yet this year, and they have the Big Mo and #7 and #5. in the backfield.  Advantage LSU.

I say Tigers by 10 

#1 Alabama v #6 Texas A&M
For all intents and proposes this IS the SEC Championship game.
This one is going to be brutal. But The Tide play a solid, basic, well executed mistake free game that can beat you ever time.  A&M may keep it close, but the tide forces mistakes....and makes you pay. ( highest scoring defense in the nation) But all is not lost for the loser of this game. A one loss SEC team would possibly be a better playoff team then a two loss ACC or Big 12 Champion.
I say The Tide by 12+   

Arkansas v Auburn
The hogs have been my upset favorites this season (2 for 2) and for some reason the sports monkey are heavily favoring the Auburn Tigers in this match. Wrong again monkeys.  Auburn hasn't beat anybody worthy yet, and won't this week either.
I say Hogs by 7
 Okay, I was wrong. Auburn is for real....

 Non prediction prediction: Unranked Penn St. will embarrass #2 Ohio St. again on national TV for the second week in a row by making the Bucknutts sweat and playing them close.   #3 Michigan continues their tough schedule of sub .500 powerhouses cupcakes.

After going 3-1 last week, Diogenes is 14-4 for the season.....