Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tiger vs Tiger

If you had told me 4 weeks ago that Texas A&M would be sitting atop the SEC west, Les Miles would be eating cheetos and watching the LSU Tigers play on TV, and my car would be stolen, I would have gently put my arm around you and suggest you see a mental health expert. But, so it is in week 5 of college football.

The LSU Tigers are now in the capable hands of interim coach Ed Orgeron. Coach O' has been here before, successfully taking over at USC and cleaning up the mess left by HC Lane Kiffen. Coach O' has been an active recruiter in the past and well liked Tiger's D line coach. A full blooded Cajun from South Louisiana and a Tiger all the way to the bone, he has the utmost respect from present and former Tigers players, and is said to be the kinda guy they would run through a wall for. 

In Baton Rouge, it a new game, and a new season.

This week, LSU welcomes for the first time to Tiger Stadium the SEC East 2-2 Missouri Tigers. The teams have only met once, in the 1978 Liberty Bowl.  Muzzou comes in with one of the SEC's most productive offense, hanging over 500 yds. per game on opponents. They play a hurry-up offense and have put up a lot of points, and their QB leads the SEC in passing yardage. But to date haven't played a pass rush like LSU, or had to defend against the likes of the 'Headhunter' Arden Key, who leads the nation in QB sacks.  

This should be a good game and barometer to tell how good the Mizzou offense really is, and just how much the few changes Coach O' has made are effective. I for one would not want to be a Mizzou Tiger coming into an invigorated and sold out Death Valley at this particular point in time.  
I say LSU by 10+ 

This Weeks Predictions: 

My girlie intuition parts are tingling this week:

#11 Tennessee v #25 Georgia 
Okay, the Vols acted like they won the Super Bowl last week. Now they are ripe for an upset. Besides, they wear orange. I hate orange! Orange doesn't belong on football uniforms. Orange belongs on Pumpkins. 
Upset - Georgia by 6  They had it and let it slip away! 

#8  Wisconsin v #4 Michigan
The Badgers are battle tested while the Wolverines have been beating up cupcakes.
Jim Harbaugh cries in his beer Saturday night.
Upset- Badgers by 7  Close but no cigar! 

#1 Alabama v Kentucky
A case of explosive diarrhea strikes the entire Crimson Tide team Saturday morning. To prevent a forfeit, the support staff, cheerleaders and entire coaching staff dresses out. Nick Saban completes 10 of 16 passes for 102 yds but is still short.....
Crimson Tide by 40+ 

Since Diogenes didn't make any calls last week, she remains 7-1 for the year so far.