Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Power of Unity

Trump Supporter And Clinton Supporter Hold Each Other’s Hair While Vomiting 
Out Of Election Anxiety

If this doesn’t prove what’s beautiful about America, we don’t know what does.  Politically, Sarah Goodwin and Colleen Cassidy agree on almost nothing. They vehemently oppose the other’s candidate of choice and couldn’t differ more on the direction our country should be heading in. Yet, as this heatedly divisive election cycle comes to a head, these two demonstrated just how powerful a united American people can be when we put our differences aside and work together: Sarah, a Trump supporter, and Colleen, a Clinton supporter, held each other’s hair back while vomiting out of intense election anxiety.

In a campaign season as contentious as this one, you really have to stop and appreciate moments like this.  LOL!