Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trump Has The Loonies Leftist at Salon Looking for a "Safe Place"

Wealthy Liberal celebrities have threatened to leave the US if Donald Trump wins the election, some even claiming they will leave the planet. That however pales in comparison to what D. Watkins, an editor for the lefty website Salon, wants black people to do. He says they should all move to Atlanta Georgia, and then split from America altogether.


D. Watkins has a funny feeling that Trump is going to win and that isn't sitting well with him. In fact he says, “If Trump wins, we’re outta here” because apparently he speaks for all black people. He also raises the alarm that all black people are “doomed” if Trump wins unless they can find a safe space.

Which brings us to his grand plan of migration and succession:
"Atlanta can be the capital of a new black nation. 
Donald can’t send us to Africa, and the idea of a massive black migration to Canada is unrealistic. But we can all make to Atlanta, which might be the most progressive black-majority city in our country. It’s kind of how Brooklyn is for white people now. There’s an endless number of black lawyers, doctors, accountants and business owners — plus everybody is nice and they’ll all love to take a listen to your mixtape. 
Beyond all that, maybe we can pool our money together, redefine education, start our own army and even build a wall. A real wall — far more impressive than the one Donald is lying about building between us and Mexico. A massive bulletproof structure to separate us from Trump, the KKK, his supporters, his KKK supporters, all the heavily armed George Zimmerman types and the rest of the morons who hate and or try to destroy blackness — like Ben Carson and Stacey Dash."
Who is going to protect all of the black people in this black utopia from other black people, who are the ones who actually kill most blacks? Donald Trump, the KKK, and George Zimmerman have collectively killed exactly one black person in this century and that was a justifiable case of self-defense. Black people on the other hand kill between 8,000 and 10,000 other black people every year. Cramming every black person in this country into a walled-off Atlanta is unlikely to reverse the shocking level of black-on-black murder.

But wait, it gets even crazier:
"I would also like to extend the invitation to all Mexicans as well — because even though we disagree on everything from dance moves to our taste in music to the way we wear our jeans to how rice should be prepared, we all have to unite and protect ourselves from Donald Trump and the long list of angry supporters who are going to be even angrier when he doesn’t make good on any of his promises."
Imagine 37 million blacks and 50 million Latinos occupying the 132 square miles of Atlanta, surrounded by a “massive bullet proof wall.” Things are going to get a little cramped and violent. You couldn't find a shittier more frightening place on the planet. Syria and Iraq would look like luxury resorts compared to this “new black nation.”

There are obviously some big problems with this plan beyond the fact that this black/Mexican utopia would have approximately 90% of all criminals living in it. There aren’t 87 million jobs to be had in Atlanta, and won’t be any hard working white people paying taxes to support the 86.6 million unemployed residents of this hellhole. 

Last time I checked Salon.com was owned and run by white people. But, then again, no one ever accused the left of being rational.....