Friday, November 11, 2016

The Tiger in the Hog Pin

Last week the big uglies from Alabama came to the Tiger house and managed to pull out Nick Saban's 200th career win, but got his ego bruised in the process.  Now the Tigers have to back it up as they travel to Fayetteville to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks. 

From 1913 to 1936 and again from 1953-56 and sporadically thereafter, the annual Arkansas / LSU game was played here at fairgrounds Stadium (now Independence Stadium and home of the Independence Bowl) as part of the draw for the Louisiana State Fair. In 1992 Arkansas join the SEC and the games reverted to home fields

Saturday the Hogs will be flying high after they ran through the vaunted Florida Roosters defense last week, exposing them for the fraud they are.

But this game in the Hog Pin is one I circle on the schedule every year because regardless of standing and the win column, you never know which Hog team will show up. The Piglets or Angry Papa Boar.

And I don't have to remind anyone that the last couple of years this is where the Tigers took their belly-flop after the loss to the Crimson Tide. This year I don't think that will happen. The Tigers have easily shut down better passers then Austin Allen in past weeks, and I see no reason they won't him too.

I say Tigers by 17 

#1 Alabama vs Mississippi St.
Line up the ambulances!
I say Tide by 38  

Auburn vs Georgia
Auburn should count their blessings they're not playing Alabama this week. And I'm not gonna say Auburn is Lucky, but #9?
The Bulldogs give them fits.
I say Auburn by 6  

Ole Miss vs Texas A&M
Both teams have lost their starting QB's so this is a toss-up.
After the embarrassment last week by Miss St. I think the Aggies defense rules the day.
I say Aggies by 14  

South Carolina v Florida
The Gamecocks are said to be coming into their own late in the season and the Florida Roosters are.......well, just overstuffed Roosters.
I say Gamecocks by 6  

One for the Road:
6-3 USC outlast undefeated Washington at home.