Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Keith Olbermann's Epic Meltdown Over ‘usurper’ Trump

We all remember the insane one, Keith Olbermann, sports correspondent for CNN, host of ESPN's SportsCenter, political commentator at MSNBC, chief news officer of the Current TV network, host at ESPN2 and TSN2, now host of a little known political web series for, titled "The Resistance"

From a cheesy set that looks like it was rescued from a dumpster behind a local community theater company, and sounding like he's broadcasting from an abandoned warehouse somewhere in New Jersey, Olbermann lets rip a heated commentary in which he angrily pounds his fist on his desk as he urges Barack Obama to help prevent Donald Trump from assuming the presidency. He goes on to proclaim that allowing Trump to be sworn into office could mean the end to future elections in America. It's drama boy Olbermann at his demented best..........