Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nothing Says Education Like Storytime With Drag Queens

Image: PJ Media

White Privilege, Black Lives Matter, Transgender Mania, White Genocide etc, etc, etc.....and the Progtards of America are still scratching their heads and wondering why the words "President -Elect Donald Trump" have entered the lexicon of America English......... 

Brooklyn Public Library Hosts Drag Queen Story Time 

Extravagant dresses, perfectly coiffured wigs, and whole lot of personality is all part of the show. No, it’s not a drag show with adults and booze at a bar, it’s Drag Queen Story Hour at the local library with curious children and their parents. They are reading all of the classics and fairy tales to the kids, giving them lessons in good, evil, and morality. 

But seriously people,  are we so obsessed with sex that we need to turn a toddler story time at the public library into a drag show?  

The Brooklyn Public Library took a cue from the San Francisco Public Library by initiating their own version of the “Drag Queen Story Hour” for kids. That’s where dudes dress up like chicks and read fairy tales about chicks loving dudes to "curious” toddler. Kids aren’t curious about transvestites. At least, not in the way trans advocates like to believe everyone is curious about transvestites. Kids, especially little ones, couldn’t care less whether or not what you’re wearing corresponds to gender norms. 

So this has nothing to do with engaging toddlers with the practice of reading, which is what library story time is supposed to be all about. Instead, the "Drag Queen Story Hour” is yet another example of social justice advocates manipulating a family event for the purpose of political grandstanding.

Kindness, empathy, and peace are such great buzzwords, aren’t they? Words like that are so helpful when it comes to masking political intentions. “Molding kids while they’re young” doesn’t sound creepy or suspicious at all. Parents of toddlers who frequent library story hours would tend to agree. But let's face it, if their child is going to act out against anyone, it’s most likely going to be the kid who tries to take his toy away, not the drag queen looking to star in a publicity stunt.

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