Monday, June 5, 2017

Ineffective “COEXIST” Bumper Stickers Recalled

Tard Times - Washington DC: The National Highway Traffic Safety Board along with The Consumer Protection Agency have issued a product recall for over 500,000 units of the popular “COEXIST” bumper sticker due to an ineffective and unsustainable message of world peace, U.S. safety regulators said on Monday.

“After the immeasurable millions of incidents of human suffering and death due to war, muslim intolerance and genocide from the years of 623 AD through 2016, this sticker needs to be pulled from retail shelves and all automobiles immediately,” the NHTSB said in a statement online. “NHTSB likes the sticker,” the statement continued. “We believe it looks really cool in a tie-dye color scheme. In the current geopolitical climate, however, our in-house statisticians predict this trend in which people get shot, stabbed and have their heads forcefully removed will not slow down in the foreseeable future.”

The graphic, spelling “Coexist” through religious and political symbols, has garnered thousands of complaints from consumers for inefficacy, despite regular appearance on the rear bumpers of cars owned by progressive Americans. “I had a feeling something wasn’t working back there. I heard some rattling on NPR about crises in Europe, the Middle East, Africa… even America,” said Subaru Outback owner Wayne Darvy of Burlington, Vt. “How can sticker companies just sit back and profit from a clearly unattainable mantra? I feel duped.” 

“Unfortunately, with Donald Trump’s presidency, we foresee demand for left-leaning slogan products dropping considerably. We’re particularly worried about ‘Have A Nice Day’. Studies show nice days are highly unlikely,” spokesperson Amy Kane told reporters outside of their Detroit manufacturing plant. “Luckily, the forecast for "Truck Nutz" and "Make America Great Again" through Q3 2020 projects record profits.” 

“We encourage all owners to peel off their ‘COEXIST’ with soap and water and bring it to your local Spencer Gifts, where you will receive a " أنت مارس الجنس " bumper sticker free of charge,” she said.