Thursday, June 15, 2017

So......When Will the Left Begin Policing Itself??

The Left has been calling for unprecedented levels of “Resistance”. This includes even the Former Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, calling for “blood in the streets”.  David Simon, the writer for the television show 'The Wire', urged people to “pick up a brick”.  Film producer Paul Schrader wrote, “I believe this is a call to violence” 

Angry lesbian Lea DeLaria of “Orange Is the New Black” proclaimed that she was ready to “pick up a baseball bat and take out every f–kin republican and independent I see.”  Even Hillary's running mate Tim Kaine urged people to “fight in the streets”. Protestors have called for violence against Trump and the Republicans as part of their rhetoric, even before Trump had taken the oath of office. Colleges students have been passing out fliers calling for violence against Trump and his administration.

Vox published a call to violently riot in protest of a Trump visit. The City of Berkeley let the AntiFa protestors begin a street fight and riot in order to silence a pro-Trump speaker. The Huffington Post, lets not forget, published an article stating that violence was a good response to Trump - and this before he was even the official nominee. The author even said it was a logical response to Trump. Kathy Griffin… you can make up your mind if that was a call for violence or an approval of the sentiment, but in the end, its the same thing. And there's Snoop Dog and his video executing the president. There’s been others. There continue to be others.

The Left has bred this problem. The Left has allowed this problem to grow. The Left (Democrats, Hillary supporters, Bernie Bros, Antifas et al.) must tone down their repeated calls for violence. Otherwise, what happened yesterday is only going to be the least of what will happen. Calling for violence because your side lost an election, when the systems and processes for peaceful change still exist, is not acceptable!!  But if you insist on violence, you will most certainly lose.........