Thursday, August 24, 2017

Judge Approves Warrant For Leftist Insurrection WebSite

The left will soon discover that they don’t really like the type of mass surveillance and police state powers of the government now that Barack Obama is no longer in office. As long as it was Obama, the vast majority of the left, democrats and the media defended Barry’s transformation of the NSA into his own personal Stasi. There were plenty of opportunities to reign in the surveillance machine during Obama’s eight-year reign of criminality.  Now they are about to be hoisted upon their own petards.......

Downtrend - "In a victory against those who have been hiding behind the First Amendment to carry out acts of violence and sedition that have the goal of overthrowing the legitimately elected government, a federal judge has ordered web hosting company DreamHost to produce the requested data. Barring appeals, this could be a direct strike to the head of the Soros Octopus and the leftist groups like ANTIFA that are trying to incite violence and maybe even a civil war.

The group that the DOJ is seeking information on is called #DisruptJ20 and was the tip of the spear for efforts that never came completely together to stage a domestic version of the color revolutions that typically have taken place in Eastern Europe. Soros-backed front groups and armies of activists played a key part in these types of overthrows of legitimate governments and some have suspected that the same playbook is being used here to remove Trump from power.

Today’s decision could be a sign that the Justice Department is looking for information on where the funding is coming from for the ongoing anti-Trump protests that continue to grow more angry and violent by the day while many in the media have become vocal apologists for ANTIFA."