Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mental Midgets or Pure Propagandist?

With all the leftist and media hysteria over confederate statues and Nazis behind ever tree, I'm beginning to believe either their cheese has completely slipped of their crackers and are haunted by waking up night after night from night sweats, or they are just phoning it in to help infect the low information crowd on social media with more hateful propaganda. Are these people really this stupid?

I'm leaning toward they are just mental midgets they seemed to always be and just don't know any better........

As Twittermeister and actor James Woods so simply and eloquently as usual points out to these hysterical leftist boobs:

It's getting really difficult these days to satirize the left. They have become a caricature of their own idiocy and don't seem to realize it yet.  And I suspect just any day now we will here from some liberal writer who swears they saw Vladimir Putin in a Confederate uniform sneaking into their back yard at night and planting poison ivy.

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