Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hunting Nazis On The Golf Course

With the whole Russia/Trump collusion story in total collapse and news organizations like CNN pulling investigators off the Russia coverage, the newly hired journalism school grad reporters hired to dig dirt on Trump are now scrambling elsewhere for that one Pulitzer winning story they all dream of.  Some have gone Nazi hunting. As USA Today touted a report out this morning on the tweeter, they have “ID’ed 4500 Trump golf-club members" through social media as well as an online service that tracks golfers handicaps:

Trump owns golf courses across the world, so USA Today thought it prudent to dig up information on club members and see what type of cretins would associate themselves with Trump in any way.  

It would be interesting to know how many media personalities and celebrities are on the list, but I doubt they would reveal that.  The only thing an investigation like this proves is that the MSM does not care about reporting what’s really happening in the world. They just want to get Trump, anyway they can.

h/t Konan The Bar Barron

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