Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Leftists Regurgitate North Korean Propaganda

FPM - As Matthew Vadum notes, the violent anti-Trump groups Refuse Fascism and the Workers World Party are siding with North Korea and spouting pro-North Korean propaganda talking points, and in at least one case, copying and pasting official North Korean statements into communiques. As it happens, North Korean propaganda is also showing up in the establishment media.

Consider “Reunification, not war, in Korea,” a “special” piece for the Sacramento Bee on September 5, when Kim Jong-un was fondling his new hydrogen bomb. Author Geoffrey Fattig, a “former speechwriter for the U.S. State Department,” is not disturbed by “Kim Jong-un’s blatant disregard of the will of the international community,” and describes it only as “distasteful.” 

So threatening the United States and its allies is a matter of taste, as Molotov once said about fascism. Fattig’s problem is Donald Trump. “Unfortunately,” he explains, “sanity doesn’t seem to be a hindrance facing our new president.”
"The problem is that the country he leads has shown itself to have a capacity for violence that is matched only by its ignorance of foreign affairs. North Korea is not a threat to the United States; the only reason we fought the country in the first place was because the Truman administration split the peninsula immediately after World War II, then committed U.S. troops when Kim Il-sung sought to reunify the country in 1950.”
Those fearful, violent, warmongering people in Anchorage, Boise, and Baton Rouge, can be forgiven for regarding Fattig’s “special” piece as goose-stepping North Korean propaganda. The former U.S. State Department speechwriter has had a lot of practice on that theme. Fattig’s work has often appeared on the website of the Institute for Policy Studies, an interlocking directorate of the left.

The American left has always supported North Korea’s Stalinist regime and still contends that the United States and its allies are the villains in any conflict. When Kim Jong-un starts firing nuclear missiles westward, his apologist Geoffrey Fattig warns that the regime and its nuclear stockpile are here to stay. So those ignorant, violent, fear-ridden Americans in Guam, Long Beach, Kansas City and Albany must repent for their country’s “original sin” of dividing Korea. - Read More at the Link

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