Friday, October 13, 2017

And Lo, For The Gus Bus Shall Enter The Valley of Death

Auburn vs. LSU 
2:30 PM CT - CBS

The last time Auburn Univ. defeated LSU in Tiger Stadium Nick Saban was still two coaching gigs away from Alabama, I was a sixteen year old music student at the Conservatoire de Lyon and Bill Clinton was President of the United States.  It was 1999.

Some say the most exciting and memorable games ever played in the rich history of Tiger Stadium were played between Auburn and the LSU.  Saturday Auburn and the "Gus Bus" once again enter Death Valley, this time ranked as the #10 team in the nation. But as any college football fan knows, when the game clock starts those numbers are mostly meaningless. 

The Gus Bus has been shifting gears, and the Tigers played last week......more like the LSU Tigers for a change. The Expert Sports Monkeys are saying this is a mismatch, and it may very well be true.

But if all the Tiger defense starters are all healthy and able to play this week and can do as well as their stand-ins did last week slowing the run and make the Auburn Whiz Kid throw the ball, the Tigers could make a real game of it. The only secondary Auburn has faced as good as LSU, they loss to.  
And like all first time QB's visit to Tiger stadium, if you rattle easy they will see it, and they'll be coming for ya. Ask Jalen Hurts.  It also depends how well the mostly freshman offensive line can handle a very good Auburn defense that is playing at the top of their game. So if the Tigers have recovered from their (fill in the blank) that plagued them before the Florida game and can keep it close, I think it makes Auburn ripe for a possible upset. 

Yea, The Football Gods have not looked kindly upon the Auburn Tigers when they travel to The Valley of Death.  Auburn has come into Tiger Stadium ranked in the Top 10 three times. They are 0-3 in those trips. 

I Say UPSET: LSU by 3  

SEC Games of the Week:

South Carolina vs Tennessee - 11AM CT - ESPN
Butch Jones is on the hot seat bigtime. This week he plans to start his freshman QB to try and get things going. I think it's exactly what the Vols need to do. They get off to a slow start but Butch and the Boys in Orange(GRRR!) put it on the Gamecocks. 

I Say Vols by 7  

Arkansas vs. Alabama - 6:15 PM CT - ESPN
Okay, for this game to have any semblance of a fair fight, I call on the SEC to require both teams wear their Red Helmets and Red Jerseys at the same time in this game. Do I hear second??

I say The Tide by 20+ 

Texas Aggies vs. The Florida Suspects - 6PM CT ESPN2
It took the full 4 quarters for Alabama to shake off A&M last week. As much as I hate to say it, I think the Aggies are a better team then their record.

This week the Aggies travel to the Swamp to play The Squirrel and his Gators, who will be wearing some butt-ugly swamp green camouflage type uniform, either as punishment for last weeks loss, or to attempt to actually sneak up on the goal line and try to score some points.........

I Say Aggies by 10+ 

Went 3-0 last week making Diogenes 12-5 YTD. going into Week 7.

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