Friday, November 10, 2017

Hillary Guest-Edits Slutty Teen Magazine

Excerpts from DownTrend

"Having spent the last two months promoting her grimoire of grievance What Happened?, Hillary continues to linger like a bad case of gas on the day after Thanksgiving.  And now in an announcement that is sure to thrill the dead-enders and the next generation of feminists, Hillary will be guest editing the upcoming issue of Teen Vogue which is one of the last print editions. The issue is scheduled to hit newsstands in early December. In doing so it would seem that Hillary is putting her personal seal of approval on Teen Vogue’s often reprehensible sexual articles that promote ideas of being sexually promiscuous to a target audience of girls 11-17. 

This is the same magazine that drew outrage over July’s controversial “A Guide to Anal Sex” which is only one of the raunchy articles that the rag publishes on an ongoing basis and resulted in a boycott movement that may have impacted the publisher’s decision to put an end to the print edition. Traditional  mothers were outraged that the content was sending the message to their daughters that it was cool to be sluts.

Some other examples of the fare that seems directed at grooming future victims of sexual predators like Hillary’s Hollywood donor Harvey Weinstein are:“If I Have Oral Sex, Am I Still a Virgin?”- “Consent and BDSM: What You Should Know” - “Myths About Your Vagina You Should Not Believe”- you get the picture."

The Hill quotes Clinton: 
“Teen Vogue takes teen girls seriously and understands that style and substance aren’t mutually exclusive,” Clinton writes in the statement, saying she jumped at the chance to guest edit. “I love seeing articles about the search for the perfect makeup remover next to essays about running for office (I have strong opinions on both topics, but we’ll get to that later). Teen girls are a powerful force for good in the world, and it’s refreshing to see that reflected in these pages,” she continued. 

They call the issue “a celebration of resistance and resilience.” Having recently been swept up by the leftist propaganda hate train, it wouldn't surprise me if there was article titled "Contemplating Social Justice while giving your boyfriend a blowjob".

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