Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Things You Can Learn for 60k a Year

Some parents take second jobs, third mortgages and sacrifice everything to send their kids to Ivy League schools like Harvard, one of the top academic and priciest schools in the country, to prepare them for the real world as leaders in business, medicine and law. And those parents should be comforted to know that in this competitive information age, Harvard is on the cutting edge and they're preparing their young people for the job market by helping them master the proper way to stick things up their butts

Yes, Harvard University is in the midst of 'Sex Week', complete with workshops introducing students to anal beads and butt plugs, and instructing them on proper techniques. The event is hosted by 'Natasha' of the  adult shop "Good Vibrations", who  discusses  the value of ‘practice, practice, practice’, and a primer on the importance of using medical-grade butt plugs. It was one of many workshops held at the Ivy League university.  Around 50 students attended. And how prestigious is it to be taught by someone who simply goes by “Natasha?” 

Remember when you were young and your mom told you not to put things in your mouth or up your nose? There was good reason. In fact it’s even more important not to shove things in your ass, your mom just never thought that was a lesson you needed to learn.

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