Wednesday, January 3, 2018

CNN's Premier Princesses Sit Down to Talk Trump

Tuesday night the President tweeted he planned to give out at the start of next week a series of 'Fake News Awards.' Accordingly, and right on cue, it caused the liberal media to have their little fits.
“I will be announcing the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year on Monday at 5:00. Subjects will cover dishonesty and bad reporting in various categories from the fake news media. Stay tuned.”
Shortly after the tweet appeared, CNN's effeminate princesses Brian Stelter and Anderson Cooper sat down to talk, probably knowing they both were about to be awarded. LOL 

Cooper teed up Stelter for his inane divination by asking what Trump’s tweet told him about the year to come. “Madness,” Stelter declared in his most serious of tones. “And I think we should start to call it that. Shouldn’t we?” Stelter tried to back up his smear by citing other partisans who had been smearing Trump for well over a year.

“You know, when President Trump was inaugurated last January, some writers, some columnists like Andrew Sullivan started right away to raise concerns about the President’s mental health; about fitness for office."
Relying on Sullivan for a mentally balanced perspective proves Stelter’s partisan agenda and seething hatred for the President. After all, Sullivan was the guy who led the charge for the Trig Palin Truthers who viciously claimed that Sarah Palin wasn’t really the mother of her youngest son who had Down Syndrome. Stelter used the classic tactic of employing someone else to make your point when you don't want to or feel like saying it yourself. Time will tell if little Brian moves toward arguing that Trump should be removed from office due to his supposed mentally illness, or if he jumps from roof of CNN Headquarters. 

  via NewsBusters

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