Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lockjaw Brokaw Pretty Much Says You and I Are To Stupid to Discern The Truth

Tom Brokaw appeared on MSNBC’s Squinty and Meat Puppet in the Morning to participate in the media-wide offensive against Congressman Nunes’s unreleased classified memo. Brokaw declared that he had been loath to compare “what’s going on here" to the Watergate scandal, then goes on to compares it to the Watergate scandal......

He bemoan that the media would be unable to access and report on the memo before it was available to the general public: “...this is not, in my judgment, a good sign that they want to release an FBI report and they want the public to take a look at it without any context whatsoever."

This is one of the best examples of just how the media looks at the people they see as nothing more then an ignorant flock. The fact they're criticizing and trying to discredit a memo they themselves are yet to see should tell anyone any "context" they would put it in would be only what 'their truth' says it is. Sorry Tom, but congress works for us and we don't need a bias media siding and protecting any corrupt and dishonest employees we may have in our employment...........And you sir, you should have rode off into the sunset and enjoyed what was once a respectable reputation and cushy retirement, for now these days you have involved yourself, along with the rest of the left wing media and their undermining attacks on the President, in what may become to be known as the most disgraceful chapters in American Journalism. 


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