Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Empress of Botox Announces Nunes A Stooge!

At times, Nancy Pelosi may sound insane, she may even look insane, but don't let that fool you, she really is insane. She has corruption in the coop, hate on the hoof, taqiyya on the tongue and bats in the belfry — that’s her political strategy. Don't cross crazy!

Monday Pelosi called House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes a “stooge for the White House” because of the soon to be released classified memo that reportedly alleges possible high crimes and civil rights violations by people in our government that know better. 

Pelosi had this to say during a Washington Post Live State of the Union Preview event Monday:
“The speaker has appointed somebody who's totally irresponsible, politicizing the process and really it should not be happening..... releasing a document that is predicated on another document, that was put together on the basis of total misrepresentation. It's like the wrap-up smear.  
“Now, as you said, I have seen most of the underlying documents – I can tell you that the memo that they reference is a misrepresentation....…This is about our national security. This is about protecting sources and methods. This is about the integrity of our intelligence. It should never be politicized. And that's what they're doing. And Nunes is really a stooge for the White House to do all of this – since we're spending time together, I thought we wouldn't waste any of it with any niceties.”
The dems are in complete meltdown mode and trying to poison every bit info that comes out because they know that not only is the memo damaging.....its documented. Where did it all start, and who knew about it. There will be much muddying of the water in the coming hours.

Pelosi's language appears to be highly correlated to what I see as the demise of, or severely damaging to the Democratic party. There is probably 25% or less of the electorate who are solidly aligned ideologically with Nancy and her party wing, and overall we should find this most comforting as we look forward to the mid terms. And I await patiently for the scene on the house floor of her doing something totally insane like pulling her diaper over her head and lighting it on fire.....

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