Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It's Kinda Fun Watching Alan Dershowitz Drive the Media Nuts

BizPac - Reports of Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz having dinner with President Trump sent liberals into spasms. The constitutional and criminal law scholar was meeting with Trump, in part, to “talk about the Middle East,” CNN’s Gloria Borger noted during a panel on “The Situation Room” Tuesday.

The news and subsequent speculation was too much for CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin who was once a student of Dershowitz.
“To the surprise of many including me, Alan has become a deeply outspoken defender of the president on these legal issues. The president has cited him in tweets. He is now welcome in the white House. In Alan’s defense, he will say that he is a defender of civil liberties and not necessarily a defender of the president."
The panel continued to discuss Dershowitz who slammed the FBI raid on the office of longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on Monday, calling it “a very dangerous day today for lawyer-client relations.” He told Fox News’ Sean Hannity his dinner with the president Tuesday was a “pre-arranged, pre-scheduled” meeting. Toobin could not reconcile that Dershowitz, who still considers himself a Democrat, would actually have dinner and talk with Trump. “I love Alan Dershowitz, he’s a great mentor of mine. But he’s picked sides here. He has picked sides,” Toobin ranted. “He’s with the president. And you don’t have to eat dinner with someone to support. He’s there eating dinner.”

Toobin recently accused Dershowitz of “carrying water” for Trump as the two sparred in a CNN interview. “How has this come about that in every situation over the past year you have been carrying water for Donald Trump?” Toobin asked his former professor. “This is not who you used to be. And you are doing this over and over again in situations that are just obviously ripe with conflict of interest. And it’s just, like, what’s happened with you?”

Dershowitz responded by once again schooling the student by basically saying in so many words he, unlike many in the media, doesn't hold up a hypocritical double-standard view of the constitution and the law. - Video at the Link. 

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