Friday, April 20, 2018

Running For President As A Progressive Means Introducing Another Crazy Idea

Friday, Senator Cory Booker, a rising star in the Democratic Party and a likely 2020 contender even though he faces considerable skepticism from within his own party for being somewhat of an asshole, all but formally announced his plans for a run at the white House by putting forth the latest of surely more to come crazy big government ideas from Proglodyte Democrats. Booker, who would surely have been unmercifully crucified for his recent angry and disrespectful questioning pointed at HLS Lady Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen if he had not been a democrat, announced his Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act. 

This little pile of progressive unicorn droppings would guarantee a full-time federal government job paying at least $15 and providing health care and paid sick/family leave for any adult that needs one.  This would begin with a three year pilot program in 15 local areas, (i.e. the urban areas ruled by dems) and be expanded throughout the United States. Expanded nationally would ensure that every American who wants a job has a job.

There are many other benefits to this scam jobs idea. If the government were to guarantee $15 an hour jobs with benefits to everyone who wanted them, private sector employers would have to raise their wages and benefits in order to attract and keep employees, and prices go through the roof. 

The Act is based on ideas long advocated by economists Mark Paul, William Darity, Jr. and Darrick Hamilton of  left-wing think tank 'Center on Budget and Policy Prioritiesand pushed for by Jesse Jackson during his presidential run in 1984. As the geniuses at Vox point out, a similar program in India, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, was found to not only increase household earnings for low-income households, both in the private and public sector. 

Yes, we really need to look for solutions to our ignorant and uneducated in a country where the average monthly wage is $392 USD,  just behind the economic paradise of Kyrgyzstan and Syria!

No, this is just a common temporary anti-poverty program used in developing third world countries, all wrapped in a pretty red bow of European socialism (and eerily similar to pre-WW2 German National Work Programs)  It's just a another hook to get uneducated minorities unionized and expand their government dependency, encourage more immigration and securing votes. Along with programs like this is more government regulation on business, higher taxes and less freedom. 

Would a program like this be expensive?  You Bet. The plan proposed by Paul, Darrity and Hamilton estimates its cost at $543 billion a year.  So like everything the government has ever gotten involved in and lied about the cost, you can probably triple that price and then add in a health dose of graft corruption and incompetence, you'd probably be closer to the real price tag

Booker and the dems, by continuing to embracing things like Medicare-for-all and programs like this one, are yet to learn one of the lessons of 2016, ......that progressive ideas are not as vastly appealing to centrists as have been in the past......

How many finger am I holding up Winston? 

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