Sunday, February 17, 2019

Of Course He Denies It's a Hoax. He's Got No Choice Now.

The Look Of A Man With His Nuts In A Vise

I have watched with interest the unfolding of what is looking more and more like the 'Hate Hoax of the Year', or at least so far. It smelled fishy from the start. Time, place, too much detail. And the MAGA thing was over the top. I'm of the belief, as stupid as this is turning out to be, that the whole thing may have started with encouragement of an entertainment manager or a PR agent (the absolute lowest forms of humanity that crawls the earth) suggesting it's a good time to get his name in the media, cause America is racist and it being Black History Month and all ya know. And with this, I allege Smollett hatched the whole stupid stunt himself. With the jerk's nuts firmly in a vise and despite his Rent-an-African co-conspirators rolling over on him, there is no way he will admit a hoax.

He can't now.

If he does, he destroys himself and everything around him, embarrasses the outspoken entertainment community, the gay activist, adoring media personalities and ambitious presidential candidates and those famous who took to the Tweeter to publicly speak out even if it was to only take a cheap shot by blaming DJT's America. 

No, I believe he will stick to his story at all cost, claim a racist conspiracy by police and a corrupt justice system, and even go to jail if necessary rather than admit the hoax. If so, some will call him a martyr, and upon his release be hailed a hero of all peoples of color for standing against the increasingly racist and homophobic America.

When the story is just too perfect, when it fits the stereotype that the perpetrator wants to believe, that's a big clue. What passes for hate crimes these days are someone making fun of a tranny on the subway or something like that. Rarely reported are hateful attacks perpetrated by blacks against other groups. They just don't have the sexiness that a real stereotype-fulfilling story does. And the public demands that a gay martyrdom be real.

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