Saturday, March 2, 2019

A Stalinist By Any Other Name.......

If you haven't noticed, there are many striking similarities between today’s social justice warrior and yesterday’s totalitarians. Like the circular rhetoric of your typical Stalinist of old, today’s social justice rhetoric is just as circular and narrow. There is no original thought whatsoever and they actually resort to inventing words to make themselves sound smartaculous.  But if you listen, they are neither informed nor original. Everyone stays within the narrow confines of their rhetoric. They stick to the talking points which is why it is hard to argue or reason with them. They are like little automatons who spit out these talking points.

They have their appointed condemned groups of people who are the targets of their attacks. They are the ones blamed for society’s ills, mainly white heterosexual males, both past and present.  And this is where it starts to get a little tricky, as that scientific thing called genetics sometimes happens to get in the way. If you happen to be a white heterosexual male AND a social justice warrior, you will be relentlessly monitored to make sure the proper level of subordination is shown to the main victim group.  And as we learn everyday, the opponent for the social justice warrior is, primarily, conservatives. If you’re conservative, white, male and heterosexual, you wear a quadruple yoke of shame around your neck and don't deserve the air you breathe. 

The most powerful of the social justice warriors are the biggest perceived victim group at any given time. They become the forefront of the social justice revolution, the powerful group shifts with the changing of the seasons… or the latest police shooting.

Communism relied on economic arguments, but the means of attaining power and the form of social justice is basically the same absent the economic arguments.  The ideology of social justice is based more on racial and gender identity. A hierarchy of victimhood has replaced economic class. In social justice, racial and sexual class has replaced economic class and instead of class warfare prevalent in Communism, we see racial, sexual and gender warfare. (ever notice who the first or second person you see in almost every television commercial ad is, regardless of the product being sold?) 

So, what if social justice activists win the day? Like their economic Marxists cousins, they may seize power for a period, but eventually they would likely implode like most socialist countries. Stalinism left a trail of dead and destitute bodies in its wake. Social justice will not leave a trail of dead bodies; but it could help kill a thriving Republic.

(Konan The Bar Barron)

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