Sunday, March 17, 2019

No One is Watching Except Bored Emotional Support Animals In Airport Lounges

It must be tough driving to work knowing not one show on your entire network can beat the morning crap-fest 'Squinty & Meat Puppet' in the ratings. (Lookin' at you prime time Fredo)

Yet CNN is still trying to pretend they're a "news" channel, but their efforts at red meat shitheadery (Cuomo, Lemon, etc.) ring false somehow. It's just a pale cargo-cult simulacrum of the eight-headed shouty-fest that the other two networks have perfected. The wall-to-wall bash Trump sugar high is wearing off. And to think, the guy that has presided over CNN's race to become a laughing stock, Jeff Zucker, was promoted to Chairman of one of Warner's new media companies in addition to CNN. I guess picking on CNN is starting to feel like kicking a puppy for peeing on the floor......

But this chart from @roadmn is BRUTAL. Clicky to Bigify


~ Thank You WHATFINGER NEWS for the Linkage! ~

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