Friday, April 5, 2019

Democrats Flock to New York to Kiss Al Sharpton's........Ring

Reverend Al Sharpton Seen Here Introducing His New Fascist Rhetoric Blocking Protection Helmet
(Available at the National Action Network Store for $149.99 - Cash Only)  

Democrat presidential candidates are flocking to New York City this week to seek the eventual political endorsement of a man who at one time was reviled for his part in one of America's most notorious race hoaxes. With the Democrats now having morphed into a racial and gender identity party, the clown car of 2020 hopefuls are making the pilgrimage to The National Action Network shindig in New York City where they will all line up to to kiss Al Sharpton's ass.

The coveted endorsement of one of the most despicable race baiters in history will be highly sought by the contestants vying for the nomination, and this is bad news for old white guys like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, with the clear advantage going to Kamala Harris and Spartacus Booker who share Sharpton’s melanin content if not his ideas. Reverend Al has made a career of racial incitement, once calling Jews ‘diamond merchants’ and described whites moving businesses into Harlem as ‘interlopers. But today's Dem candidates now show no shame consorting with a low life like Al Sharpton, who manufactured the Tawana Brawley racial hoax targeted at one man, stoked the Crown Heights riots against Jews, leading to a death, and helped initiate an arson at Freddie's Fashion Mart.

Beto O’Rourke has already appeared and dutifully emasculated himself before the mostly black audience, apologizing for his white privilege, being born rich and then married a billionaire’s daughter. He also began the parade of pandering for votes by saying if elected their president he would sign into law Shelia Jackson Lee's Slave Reparation Bill. This should be a real shit show to watch as the mostly white candidates now have to promise free stuff and beg like children in a Dicken's novel for the black vote they have so taken for granted all these years, and doing it while whimpering at the feet of none other than Al Sharpton!

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