Thursday, April 4, 2019

Dubious Unnamed Sources & The Media Circle Jerk

The media spent three years dropping “bombshell” after “bombshell” story alleging that, according to their anonymous sources, DJT would eventually be indicted for having colluded with the Ruskies to swing the 2016 election. So it's no surprise at all that the left, just like a junkie grabbing a new fix, jumped on dubious anonymous sources in a New York Times story claiming that certain 'unnamed members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team' are unhappy with how the Attorney General had portrayed their concluded investigation.

According to the Times’ famous 'anonymous sources', which have a long track record of being wrong, no real details were given as to their concern. The lack of clarity is not surprising given the source. Despite the spuriousness of these allegations, the Times’ far-left base have bought the allegations hook, line and sinker. No one seems to question why they waited so long to voice concerns. Guess it takes time to set up those late night clandestine parking garage meetings with reporters.  The social media sewer have been posting a new hashtag of “bombshell” stories that hint at some sort of clandestine cover-up,  and of course, CNN's Fredo Cuomo is excited and the Ricky Maddow mouthbreathing conspiratorial paranoids are loving this coverage and about to pee themselves.

There's been 3 years of anonymously-sourced “bombshells” journalists spend 16-24 hours tiring themselves out celebrating on Twitter, only for it to fizzle into nothing. Why not have one more? Now that the Mueller Distraction-by-Persecution of Trump has failed, the usual gang of momzers and miscreants need something to rally around in their darkest of times.

In the meantime, the political theater continues in the committees of the House of Representatives Grandstanders and Charlatans.


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