Wednesday, April 24, 2019

He Who Wants Not To Break Bread, Attacks Thee!

Lil' Brian Has His Tutu All In a Wad Again
Brian Stelter, CNN's testosterone challenged drama queen & chief media janitor seen daily as host of the ironically named 'Reliable Sources', claimed with all seriousness that DJT's decision to skip the White House Correspondents'Dinner this weekend was "an attack against the media." No really, he said that:
"This administration’s attack against the media takes many forms. One form is the President having a rally this Saturday instead of attending the dinner and I do think it matters mostly because what it means about these tensions continuing to escalate."
So ignoring one of Washington's most pompous annual events, a self-worshipping observance of overly inflated egos is now being considered an attack. Trump earlier told reporters he was skipping the event "because the dinner is so boring and so negative that we’re going to hold a very positive rally instead.”
"In the past, presidents have always shown up, even if they were angry at the press at the time. The usual tensions between reporters and government representatives have escalated to extreme levels in the Trump age, due largely to the president's near-daily attacks against the media."
In reality, tensions between DJT and the bias media have risen because he refuses to put up with their dishonest, unfair, and the ridiculously bullshit coverage of his administration.

To hear someone in the national media, especially from of all people CNN, actually complain bitterly about these incomprehensible "rising tensions," you'd almost think that the last two years of the media's 24/7 malicious, Russia-obsessed coverage of DJT, the blatant (and still ongoing) attempt to cripple his presidency and ultimately lead to his impeachment, never happened. But it did, and so the president very understandably wants not to break bread with these hateful malicious slugs. Years of fake reportage, screaming hypocrisy, disgusting double standards and open in-your-face partisanship have earned them well-deserved enmity. Attempts to portray themselves as victims of "attacks" because the president fights back, are truly pathetic. 

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