Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Adam Schiff Takes Swing at DJT and AG Barr. Accidentally Punches Himself and Barky Obama Instead

Robert Mueller’s statement today about the special counsel’s report that was released almost in its entirety last month has, of course caught the attention of Rep. Adam Schiff, who was spinning it as best he could:
"Mueller confirmed today that Russia engaged in multiple systematic efforts to interfere in the 2016 election. 
In a rebuke of Barr, he also made clear that because of DOJ policy it is left to Congress—not the Attorney General—to evaluate the president’s misconduct. And we will." @twitter
Schiff accused AG Bill Barr of “misleading the American people” — a rich accusation coming from Schiffty. Maybe Schiff didn’t notice, but none of the BS he’s been trumpeting for the past two-plus years (with the MSM’s help) has come to fruition, not that he’ll ever stop lying. Mueller never mentioned the mythical evidence of collusion that Shiff has promised. And maybe Schiff can refresh our memories as to who was in charge when all this Russian crap went down:

It’s possible some Dems aren’t in a hurry for impeachment hearings because it would draw attention to many self incriminating details they’d rather remain below the surface. DJT still is holding his cards and it looks like it may be getting close to time to call the table.......

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