Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Los Angeles Renames Three Mile Road After Famous Skid Mark

City fathers of the law-defiant, out-of-touch, morally bankrupt, sanctuary city of Los Angeles renamed a 3.5-mile long city street, formerly known as Rodeo Road, officially Obama Boulevard’ on Saturday. The Boulevard, not to be confused with Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, runs through a predominately black neighborhood that includes Rancho Cienega Park.

While Mr. Obama was unable to attend the dedication ceremony, he did express his gratitude in a letter to the tens of hundreds who gathered in his honor.  It's good to see he’s achieving as much in retirement as he achieved as President, and demonstrate what a boy born in his grandmother's back room in Kenya can become.

With mostly left turns and the road signs that appear after you pass the turn, the newly-named street intersects with Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. The new street name that indicates you definitely made a wrong turn intersects with the old street name that indicates you definitely made a wrong turn. As Chris Rock once said, the last street you want to be on at night is any of them named after Martin Luther King.

Signs along the presently feces, homeless camp and used needle free street, state the work of revitalizing the area was funded by Barack's stimulus package' but oddly no work was known to every have been done. Never has so many bestowed so much on so few who have done so little to earn it. It seems like the less a politician accomplishes, the more they're lionized.

Quite ironical, Obama was apparently unable to inspire investment in the community during his eight years, but now there is an “opportunity zone” adjacent to Obama Boulevard as the result of the work done by Housing and Urban Affairs Secretary Ben Carson and President Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

In a related story: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has effectively ended homelessness in the city by planting a mural and encouraging people to walk. If you don’t understand how that fixes everything, you’re probably one of those alt-right Nazi guys with a MAGA hat.

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