Wednesday, May 8, 2019

No Kamala, You're Not a Victim. You're Just An Extremely Unlikable Person.

According to Sen. Kamala Harris, it’s no coincidence that the top three Democrats leading in 2020 Democrat primary polls are white guys.  According to her, it’s the result of biased media pundits shaping black folks views with discussions on who is electable in today's america.  In her case, I'm sure her lack of perceived electablity has nothing to do with the Creepy Voodoo Witch persona she sometimes projects.

Speaking to the folks at the NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Dinner in the democrat run paradise of Detroit, the 2020 contender pathetically whined about her lack of popularity, saying that the media’s discussions about “electability” are leading minorities to believe that only a white man can defeat Donald Trump.  I don't know, kinda sounds like Kamala is calling black folks stupid and can't think for themselves. According to The Washington Post, her message to her predominantly black audience was to “stop believing the pundits’ take and get behind the candidates you align with personally.  Or, can't you see I'm black and a women dammit!

Unfortunately for Kamala, in the most recent Quinnipiac survey, only 2 percent of voters think she can beat Trump.  The number is the same when "controlled for voters of color."  The angry black woman in Manolo Blahnik shoes act is not playing well in middle America, black or white.  Even Harris’s fellow California lawmaker, Sen. Di Feinstein, has reportedly abandoned her in favor of white guy Joe. Feinstein confirmed Tuesday that because she’s known Biden for 20 years, she intends to vote for him.

Sorry Kamala, but America is not the slobbering leftist women at the table on 'The View' ya know.  Maybe it just hasn't hit her yet that most American people don’t care for her proposed commie policies, taking away the American's health care provider choices, guns and wealth.  Or maybe even democrats now realizes what they did to the county by reelecting Barack Obama.  We are paying dearly for it culturally now.

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