Thursday, May 30, 2019

Ms Rao Invites You to an Evening of Dinner and Pretentious Racial Scolding. And You’re Paying.

Personally, I'm damn tired of hearing from a plethora of wealthy, privileged daughters and sons of successful legal immigrants, blessed to be born in the freest country on the planet, bitch, moan and gripe and rip America and all she stands for! One such voice I came across is failed congressional candidate, Saria Rao. An AOC want-to-be, she believes in bringing us together by unrelenting divisiveness.

According to her own publicity material, Ms Rao studied law at the University of Virginia and NYU, and is “one of the country’s strongest voices for social justice and inclusion.” Which may explain the self-satisfied double standards, the paranoid hyperbole, the pronounced cognitive dissonance, and the daily epithets about “white people” and their many, many faults. Social justice” is largely about judging people tribally, cartoonishly, and by different and contradictory standards, based on some supposed group identity, which apparently – and conveniently - overrides all else. And the next time you hear sweet cooings about “social justice, equity and inclusion,” you may want to bear in mind the kinds of creatures most attracted to these things. How can one be bigoted against people of a certain race and color while wearing the cloak of inclusion? You redefine the words "sexist" and "racist" until the dissonance seems to disappear.

After her failed congressional primary Rao went full tard on her Twitter account claiming she's left Colorado because of death threats following a social-media post attacking white people. Her harsh Twitter attacks against fellow democrats and journalists after her dirt-stomping defeat had nothing to do with that I'm sure. And apparently, Ms Rao’s believes her tweets are of moral importance.  As noted here before, many times, “social justice” is antithetical to expectations of reciprocity. And so, despite the theatrical piety, it corrodes the moral senses. Quite quickly.

So, in the spirit of social Justice and to “bear witness” to their pain, Ms Rao has invited all us guilty 'White Women' to an evening of dinner and pretentious racial scolding. Bringing Us Together With Unrelenting Racial Divisiveness.

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