Thursday, June 13, 2019

About That Cow the Media is Having.....

Much is being said about the comment the president made about the use of 'Opposition Research'. Does anyone really think, in the history of American elections, there was ever been a candidate for president who was willing to listen when someone from another country offered dirt on an opponent? Maybe the better question is: Do you think there’s ever been one who didn’t? Or at least who wasn’t open to hearing it?

Before 2016, if any candidate had dished dirt on an opponent and the dirt turned out to be legitimate, do you seriously think it would have been treated as a scandal that the dirt came from overseas?  At what point was it established that taking dirt from a foreign source was a no-no? Obviously some time after the Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to pay Christopher Steele to compile his dossier with help from friendly Russian sources. That’s because no one ever treated the idea like it was inherently wrong until it was thought that DJT did it. Funny how that works, Huh?

And when did the bogeyman of “interference in our elections” come into existence? Did you ever hear anyone talk about this, or identify it as any sort of concern whatsoever, prior to 2016?  No, you didn’t. Because it was a ridiculous notion then and it still is.

Countries try to influence the outcome of other countries’ elections all the time. The Obama Administration practically acted as a campaign office for Israel’s Labor Party in its efforts to oust Benjamin Netanyahu. The idea that “foreign interference in elections” is some sort of end-of-world catastrophe was invented very recently, and our oh-so-dutiful media have taken up the cause without the slightest shame or embarrassment.

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