Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Racial-Arsonist & Tax Cheats Anchor Network's Democrat State Convention Coverage. Embargo Rest Of Media

MSNBC, the ugly step-sister of the once respected NBC News, somehow landed exclusive broadcast rights to the South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP) convention this past weekend. It was unprecedented in it has opened the door to future scenarios of a single voice that similarly undercut the trust in both media and politics, if that's somehow possible. And you'd think they'd check the boxes of anchors that didn't negatively reflect how half a nation sees the Democrat party today? Well, they didn't! They obviously don't read DMF!

Joy Reid, tax cheat, bigot and so-called reformed author of notorious homophobic rants, and the tax cheat, semi-lucid Master of Rhetoric & Grand Poobah of American Race Baiting, Right Reverend Al Sharpton, were chosen to broadcast from the largest gathering of those screeching for the 2020 democrat nomination, considered a big-time newsworthy event and valuable face-time for celebrity reporters. But the news media and the media watchers of the media have their panties in wad because the exclusive broadcast rights included an "unprecedented three-hour embargo on footage" that reporters from other news organizations and publications could use. (presumably for edit time because of Joy & Al's combined known stupidity).

Fox, ABC, CBS, CNN (insert laugh track here) and C-SPAN sent a joint letter to the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party to protest the decision to provide MSNBC with all exclusive rights. The usually reserved and unopinionated C-SPAN was the most vocal, with political editor and host Steve Scully chief criticizer. Imagine that: C-SPAN of all people having to call out a political party to ensure it won't be locked out of other party events. The slope has officially become slippery. A big show it was. For one audience, one biased network. Had Fox News been granted exclusive rights to a Republican convention with 24 candidates running, the protest store would run out of pitchforks and torches. Cries of "State-run Media!" would reverberate from the usual suspects, marinated in references to threats to a free, fair press. I'm sure somehow DJT would be blamed for creating a toxic atmosphere for our exalted Fourth Estate.

As for Reid and Sharpton, they did co-host a little watched MSNBC town hall bitch session together on why were are all a bunch of racist recently. How utterly ironic it is for these two lecturing anyone about racism, and presumably homophobia as well. Let that sink in for a moment. And considering Sharpton was the man in charge of racial issues for Barky Obama, it’s makes you cringe to think back to those eight years with a president willing to take race relations back 50 years by having someone like Sharpton on call to organize and recruit the professional protest mobs.  Reid who has reluctantly "half-admitted" to homophobic rants in blog posts, has yet to pay off her still open $5,000 NY state tax warrant that attracted a good bit of attention last year. The good Rev. whose state and federal tax delinquencies are the stuff of legend, has according to records two open New York tax warrants for nearly $600,000. One judgment, dated May 2009 for $103,156.06. The other, from December 2008 for $492,612.41. Nothing else has to be said that hasn't already been said about him. His reputation proceeds him.

But They Be Representin'!!! One wonders what is going through the skulls of the heads of MSNBC these days.

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