Friday, July 26, 2019

When you can't win an election with votes, an argument with logic, or legislation without a judge's opinion, you sound a lot like this.....

Democrat mouthpieces like Maude Behar have already begun laying out their preliminary excuses for failing to win in 2020. When leftist make statements you always have to look at the qualifiers they use. In this case the qualifier is "legitimately." Unfortunately it's rarely used by leftists so it's meaning is unclear. The only thing I can say for sure about the meaning here is that it has nothing to do with the definition in the dictionary.

Behar knows that Trump is going to win so she is already trying to cast doubt on the process, the exact thing that was shown that the Russians were trying to do. She is their accomplice.

If you scream insults loud and often enough some moonbat who watches steaming pile of offal like The View might actually believe what Behar is selling, and they might be distracted from the facts that the dems are experts at election rigging..

The Great Noble Lie of the 21 Century -- Hillary had all the fame (Hollywood), fortune (Wall Street), power (DC), and Media, including a billion dollar war chest and yet, somehow, someway, a handful of Russian Facebook ads flipped it.

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