Thursday, October 10, 2019

Irrelevant Hollywood Unhinged Join Forces in War on DJT

As the impeachment process continues unabated by pathetic grandstanding sore-losing Democrats in Congress, some of hollywood's irrelevant weirdos have joined together their B list star power and are rolling out the War-wagon of a self-righteous campaign called the 'Impeachment Task Force' [insert laugh track here]. Less a task force and more a smear campaign, hoping to recruit more than 100 actors and 1,000 activists of various stripes ranging from Hillary Clinton supporters to immigration activists. They all have two thing in common: a disturbing pattern of allowing hatred to overcome commonsense and are disgruntled that DJT is the President of the United States.

The purpose of this “task force” is to up the ante on social media through a continuous onslaught of tweets and retweets of any statements vilifying DJT and his policies. The news media will then take notice, retweet and report on the attacks and present it all as “unbiased news.” This will then give some cover to those vulnerable Democrats in Congress so the theory goes.

You can likely guess some of the task force members. There are the unhinged Rosie O’Donnell, Ron Perlman, George Takei, Bubble Head Debra Messing, and everyone’s favorite childhood star not named Ricky Schroeder, Alyssa Milano.  Milano, in particular, should send a bow-wrapped “thank you” card to DJT for making her somewhat relevant again, even if that relevancy is unwarranted other than pointing out her stupidity or mental derangement.

Meanwhile, Flatulence O’Donnell is apparently taking a vacation from the fat farm and letting deranged gay meth head do her hair,  while Takei obviously has a shortage of Comic Book and Star Trek conventions to attend.

Others on the task force reportedly include a couple of authors, former tennis star Martina Navratilova and gun control activist Fred Guttenberg who's probably praying for a another mass shooting to get his mug on MSNBC.  Milano, who suffers from near fatal TDS,  is particularly active and has assumed her responsibilities and sense of self-serving relevancy by equating whistleblowers in the administration with women who have accused Trump of sexual improprieties. Debra Messing did her best Joe McCarthy imitation by trying to blacklist Hollywood personalities who show even a modicum of support for Trump by denying them any work.

Democrats, Leftist activists, Hollyweirdos and NeverTrumpers care less about facts and more about a slick propaganda campaign likely doomed to failure.  This campaign is like a large-budget special effect production. But special effects are fake. They are not reality. The reality is that the country seems to be doing just fine with DJT as President by whatever metric one wants to use. So, rant on and make fools of yourself, Hollywood. Not liking a man, his policies or the fact he won an election fair and square is not a “high crime and misdemeanor.”  

[Institute for Regressive Policy]

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